Saturday, October 1, 2011

Song Saturday

Well, it's that time again - time for me to bombard you with my musical tastes. Yay!

First off, may I present Orla Fallon's lovely version of Siuil a Run.  (Remember my first Song Saturday? This is the same song.)  I have a soft spot for it notwithstanding it's propensity to get stuck in my head.


Next we have Athair Ar Neamh by the ever-talented Enya.  (And no, I can't pronounce the title.)*  I don't know what the words of this song are.  All I know is that listening to this makes me feel all calm and ethereal and lovely.  And that's always nice.  Especially during geometry lessons, which are the complete opposite of all that is calm and ethereal and lovely.

And yes, I did just realize that both of my song selections for today are in Gaelic. Oh well.  Hope you liked them!

* Thanks to Mary MacArthur, I now know the pronunciation and meaning of Athair ar Neamh.  Mary says that it's pronounced Ah-her air Navv, and that it means Father in Heaven.  Thank you, Mary MacArthur!


  1. Hello! You have a pretty blog!

    That title is pronounced Ah-her air Navv. It means Father in Heaven. ^_^

  2. Thanks for telling me the pronunciation and meaning, Mary! I'll add it to the post. :)


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