Friday, October 21, 2011

Journaling Page - Sunlight and Idleness

Emily has given me permission to do journaling pages rather like hers.   I intend for this to be less about what I'm doing, and more a fairly good excuse for me to ramble on with whatever I'm thinking about.

Before I start, though, I must introduce you to My Precious.  My Precious doesn't have a picture uploaded of him yet, but you must know that he's my new laptop, and we loves him very much, gollum, gollum.  You will have him to thank if I post more regularly, because he has a lovely keyboard and I can use him whenever I want. (Within reason.)  So: Precious, meet my lovely readers. My readers, meet the Precious.

Now that we are properly introduced, we can begin.

Outside my window... the sun still retains his early-morning glory, though it's quite late.  The trees behind my yard glow with a scarlet that only God could have imagined; they're like the stained-glass windows of the natural world.  I wonder if the first person to make a window with bits of colored glass got his inspiration from colored leaves?  The sky is pale blue, and there are a few monstrous cotton balls - excuse me, I mean clouds - floating to and fro at their own sweet will.
As much as I love cloudy days, sunlight has a unmatchable beauty, especially at sunrise or sunset, when it seems so close.  I never liked noonday sun because it's so faraway and harsh.  Rising or setting sun is so much lovelier.
This morning there was broken glass on the path behind our back yard.  The sun rays caught it, and it glittered more brightly than diamonds.  Why pay millions for those silly crystals when you can look at a broken glass bottle glimmering in the rising sun?  (By the way, our neighbor went out there and swept it all up a while ago - still quite early.  What a thoughtful act of mercy!)

I'm listening to... Chanticleer's plainchant version of the beautiful hymn Ave, Maris Stella.  Gregorian chant always makes me feel so calm and industrious.  Occasionally it's made me cry because it expresses so perfectly the joy and peace of religious life, which I hope to enter someday....  (And yes, I do cry rather easily.....*insert embarrassed expression*)

I'm thinking about... various things.  My mind skips around so fast that my thoughts give me headaches sometimes.  I was just thinking that I really ought to be doing schoolwork, and just because I have a party at three doesn't mean I can't do school until then.  Before that I was wondering if this journaling thing is a good idea or not - just because I like writing it doesn't necessarily mean that you will like reading it.  I was also thinking about beauty, and how it's almost everywhere, if we look for it.  Except in grocery stores.  Most of them are quite devoid of beauty.

I'm creating... well, this blog post, of course.  Other than that...I have a scarf in progress....I finished a grocery list for my mom this morning (and I decorated it with scroll-y stuff at the top, so it does count as creating)...later today I'm making cheesecake with my dear friends Victoria and Amelia.....
I feel so un-creative sometimes.  I know other girls who bake, cook, knit, sew, draw, and write, constantly.  I do things by spurts - dabbling with pastels for a bit, spending a day doing lots of cooking (which I don't enjoy much), obsessively practicing piano.  But never constantly.  It's so true that the Devil can attack you better when you're idle, and I'm so very lazy...... anyway.  No ranting.

Around the house... it's amazingly quiet.  I think at least some of my siblings (who share in or exceed my laziness) are still asleep.  Tsk-tsk-tsk....  My dad has left for work, and I need to hurry up and finish this so I can help my mom clean.

One of my favorite things...when you get up nice and early, getting things done before anyone else is even up.  You have time for truly devout morning prayers, a cup of tea, and doing things that you've been putting off for a while.  It's very fulfilling to get up early....too bad it's so difficult.  *sigh*

A picture thought...  Isn't this sketch of Waterhouse's lovely?  I wish I could draw like that, and I wish I knew the girl.  She looks so thoughtful, like she's thinking of a beautiful truth or lost in a cherished daydream.

via Google Images  

PS - Doesn't sunlight and idleness sound pretty?  It's fun to pick random things in a post and make a title out of them.


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  2. Ooh! what kind is your precious? I'm really enjoying my new Macbook! There's nothing like your own computer to make you feel a little free and easier.

    I've got so much to say about mornings, I'll post on my blog so I don't use up so much space here.)

    Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the picture! It's soooooo lovely. Very inspiring. It makes me want to draw something... but its after 10 already! Yikes!

  3. The Precious is a Toshiba Satellite.

    I know, that picture makes me want to draw something, too! Perhaps I'll copy it. Copying is fun, though it feels like cheating sometimes. Glad you liked it!


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