Saturday, October 15, 2011

Song Saturday

Hello again, my dear!  Today's Song Saturday features three of my absolute favorite melodies, because...
MY BIRTHDAY IS WEDNESDAY!   Yes, perhaps I'm a bit excited.  See, I've always seen sixteen as the quintessential almost-grown-up-young-lady age.  I used to think that sixteen was so old, and I thought I'd be able to do just about anything I wanted once I was sixteen.  Thank goodness, I was wrong about that.


First today is the lovely Orla Fallon's Who Knows

Next is Enya's Only Time.  (You knew that I was going to put an Enya song in here, didn't you...)  My whole family knows this song, and I've unconsciously heard it since I was small, so it has some sentimental connections.

Last is my very favorite, The Call by Regina Spektor.  I'm quite sure you all have heard this, given it's appearance in Prince Caspian, but I'm posting it anyway.  It's too lovely to not listen to it again, even if you have it on your iPod, like I do.   
The Call has a peculiar attraction for me because I feel like the lyrics really apply to me.  Being part of a military family, I'm always leaving places, promising I'll come back one day, starting everything over.  To me, that's what this song expresses.  I daresay I'm putting my own meaning into it, but I don't care.  It's perfect.




  1. Hi Victoria, I've awarded you the stylish blogger award. Please see my post for the details.

  2. Love the song by Orla Fallon, Victoria! Enya's song has been a song from my childhood for me too, and I absolutely love The Call! I sing it whenever I'm practicing guitar. XD


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