Monday, October 31, 2011

An Announcement

Dearly beloved, something quite tragic has happened to me.

Somebody has supplanted Mr. Darcy in the right to my fangirl devotedness.

The somebody.

Yes, I have fallen under the spell of the irresistible Mr. Thornton.  I could not help it.  Even when my poor mother said that she had watched the film a long time ago and hated it, I went right ahead and watched it on YouTube, little knowing how I'd be affected.

My dear readers, I shall never be the same again.  I am now one of those strange people who are devoted fans of this intriguing BBC miniseries:

It's a lovely film and I highly recommend it.  It has more conflict and plot than a Jane Austen story, and is more thought-provoking.Perhaps whenever I read the book I shall write about the story with more depth and seriousness - perhaps.  I am currently incapable of more than squee noises.   And I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures up that aren't of Mr. Thornton. *blush*

PS - I must leave you with this beautiful theme from the film:  Don't worry, it's quite short.  (Too short, in my opinion.)



    *crazy fangirl moment* ;)

    I know, isn't the music GORGEOUS? I need to watch it again...

  2. I've never seen it - only clips. What I saw seemed extremely dramatic to the point of ridiculousness........

    so I was attracted to it. *blushes*

    Nah, actually, it looked kind of interesting. I'm glad you told me about it. Now I might actually watch it.

  3. @Ivy - YES! Another North & South fangirl! Yeah, after I wrote this post I found a video on youtube that gave links to a place where all the themes could be downloaded. I was SOOO happy - now I have them all on my iPod. :) The one called Thornton's Walk is my's so beautiful, it almost makes me cry. :p

    @Magdalen - Hehe. :) Yes, you really ought to give it a try. It's a bit long, but I for one didn't mind. I dunno if it's overdramatic or not...I love drama too, so it doesn't bother me in the least. btw, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube, if you don't have netflix and you don't want to buy it.

  4. I simply adore North and South! It has to be my favorite period dramas. The characters are all done extremely well, and don't get me started on the soundtrack! I'm very glad you enjoyed it Victoria. ;)

    1. THE SOUNDTRACK. OHMYGOSH THE SOUNDTRACK IS THE BEST EVER!!! Ahem. Don't get me started on it either. :p


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