Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Wondrous St. Anthony

Why am I posting about St. Anthony? Because yesterday he found stuff for me, so I'm thanking him this way.

St. Anthony is widely known as the patron saint of lost articles.  Ever seen the acronym S.A.G written on envelopes and such?  That stands for St. Anthony Guide.  And he does.  The things we've found after praying to him!
So.  Yesterday I lost my American Literature notebook.  About a week before that I lost the USB cord for my beloved iPod.  (It's a shuffle - nothin' fancy, but it's still my preciousss.)  I was all mad about losing them, so I finally remembered to pray to St. Anthony.  So I'm sitting there rummaging through my bookbag, and I say, "St. Anthony?  Could you please find my American Literature notebook?  And...if you don't iPod USB cord is missing too.  I know it's not important, but still.."  The second I'm done praying, guess what?
I pull the American Lit. notebook out of the bag!
I'm positive it wasn't in there before.  So I say a quick thanks to St. Anthony.  I realize that the bag is all slumped over (I like things to be just so), and I straighten it up.
And there's my USB cord!
At that point I totally lost it.  I sqealed "THANK YOU, ST. ANTHONY!" and hugged my precious USB cord.  Then - and I blush to admit it -  I started babbling to heaven about how awesome St. Anthony is.  They don't use slang like "awesome" in heaven, I'm afraid.   I could probably have expressed my admiration in more elegant terms...
See, the thing is, that's not the only thing that St. Anthony has found for me and my family.  Drivers' licenses, keys, ID cards, blouses, books, spill-proof attachments for sippy cups...the list goes on and on.  But you know what?  I think St. Anthony has a sense of humor.  Meaning no disrespect, but sometimes I think he's almost mischievous.  If you don't specify when you need something, you're liable to get it back as soon as you don't need it anymore.  Or maybe a year later.  He always finds things, but sometimes he makes sure you exercise the virtue of patience first.  Also he likes to make you feel silly, because he puts things right in front of your face, and when you've been complaining that the thing is lost for a week and then you see it right in front of you, your family tells you to go get your eyes checked.
He's a wonderful saint.  His life was very interesting, too.  You can read it here.  Be forewarned: the article's pretty long.  New Advent articles generally are...
Next time you lose something - anything - ask St. Anthony to find it for you, and I bet it'll pop up in no time.

St. Anthony of Padua,
Pray for us!
Oh, and sorry for the slight jumpiness and randomosity of this post. :p


  1. That's great! My mom gets along with Saint Anthony pretty well, but Jude usually answers my prayers. I was feeling sick right before we were supposed to leave for long trip to tour a college (and I'd been sick for many of the college tours already!). I prayed to Saint Jude that my illness would at least be postponed until I got back, and it was! I think it ended up being a bad cold or something... I don't remember. :)

  2. Here in Brazil, and in Portugal too, St Anthony is very known as the "marriage saint". I think the story began because he helped a couple to get marriage, but I´m not sure... He is an incredible saint! His miracles in life are just amazing!


    Oh, so do you live in the countryside? Cause it´s very much better than live in a big city. Who has "homeschooled" you?


  3. "The Marriage Saint"? Wow, that's cool, I've never heard that title before! :)

    No, to my dismay, I live in a housing development.

    Technically my mom homeschooles me, but practically I homeschool myself. I like that, because it teaches me responsibilty and self-discipline....slowly but surely!


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