Thursday, September 1, 2011


I cannot believe that it's September.  I'm so happy it's finally here!  I've been waiting all summer for this...

Picture taken by me, edited with Picnik.

In my mind, once it's September, summer is over.  Fin.  Autumn's coming.  Soon there will be pumpkins and colored leaves and cool days... not to mention that those lovely autumn winds give me the perfect opportunity to wear boots and wool berets!   :)

Even school cannot ruin my happiness - especially since I had to start in the beginning of August.  I'm sorta used to it at this point.

Have a lovely September!


  1. I started in September too! I love autumn sooo much, including the beginning of school, because it's not annoying yet. :) Good luck w/ school!

  2. So sweet! Here september starts cold yet, but in the end it gets warm and very, very colorful with the flowers of spring!

    September it´s a very special month for me... It´s my lovely grandma´s birthday, my dear boyfriend birthday and our anniversary! A month full of hapiness. I hope to get married in September one day...right in the spring! I think it would be very beautiful... (ooops, a dreaming moment, sorry...hehe)

    Oh, you could make a post about your homeschooling, telling how it works and why you don´t go to a convencional school. It would be very interesting!

    Have a good September!
    JMJ +


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