Saturday, September 10, 2011

Song Saturday

I think last Saturday was Song Saturday, but I was away, so I'm doing it today.

I couldn't make a descision...It's bit hard without knowing what kind of music y'all would I'm putting two songs here.

First is the Lay of Nimrodel from The Two Towers, performed by a group that seems to be called Broceliande.  While not exactly the way I imagined the lay of Nimrodel being sung, it's very pretty, and the pictures add to the effect. 

 Next is Love Story Meets Viva la Vida by Jon Schmidt.  (I believe that's his name, anyway...) I don't particularly care for the second part (Viva la Vida), but the first part (Love Story) is just so pretty.  I like Taylor Swift way better in piano.  :) 


  1. Hi, I found your blog through The Catholic Young Woman, and just thought I'd stop to say hi. I'm another Catholic homeschooler, so it was quite exciting to find you. I've been taking a look around your blog, and I'm quite interested to read more of your posts.


  2. Hi Imogen! You have quite a pretty name. :)

    Thank you! Glad you stopped by.

  3. I just Love the piano version of Love story! It is sooooo pretty! I love your song Saturdays!


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