Sunday, February 12, 2012

Picture Crazy

I've taken a lot of photos in the past couple days.  For a while I ignored my camera, thinking that I had taken just about every picture to be had (arrogant me), but of course there are still plenty of pictures to be had, even in worn-out New Jersey February.  Plus, it snowed.  You can always take pretty pictures in the snow.

These ice-coated weeds are gorgeous, aren't they?  If you're wondering what the random glove is for, I couldn't get the camera to focus without a dark background.  Sorry. :p
As ready as I am for spring, I find all the Easter/spring nonsense in stores to be quite annoying.  It's still winter, so I see no reason to pretend otherwise.  I'm posting wintery photos in retaliation.

Ha!  Take that, JoAnn Fabrics!

I've also found my little sister's Rapunzel doll (or, to be more specific, her hair and clothes) to be quite inspiring.

Aren't you just blown away by the inspiring-ness?  (For the naive and innocent among my readers, THAT WAS SARCASM.)

I liked the sparklies and the pretty pattern.
By far the best of the Rapunzel lot.  I quite like this one, though I did mix fairy tales by putting a Sleeping Beauty quote with a photo of Rapunzel's hair.
Now I shall proceed to torture you with pictures of food.   Actually, I should have waited until Lent to post these.  'Twould have been a lovely aid to your Lenten penances....

These lovely doughnut pictures were from a "tea party" we had to celebrate my smaller siblings' conquering of the complex arts of making a bed and brushing one's teeth.  Amazing accomplishments, no?

I suppose I oughn't to complain, seeing that I got doughnuts and tea out of it.

I discovered that mint tea + chocolate doughnuts = earthly heaven.  See, I'm good at SOME math!
It's blurry because of the steam.  I thought it was cool-looking.
Now I believe I will go make myself a cup of tea.  I hope I haven't bored you too much.

Ooh, wait.  I found another dessert picture, though this one's from a while ago.

There.  Now that's all for today.  I've made myself hungry.


  1. I love seeing the pictures of the snow! We don't get any of it in southern CA, so it's nice to get to experience it at least visually. :) God bless!

  2. Love these photos! (You just made me hungry too... lol)

  3. Glad you liked the photos, Clare and Bunhead! (I hope you found something to cure that hunger, Bunhead...if not, I shall feel quite guilty, seeing as it's my fault.) :D


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