Friday, February 3, 2012

Comment Love and A Bit of Squeeing

Imogen posted some lovely thoughts about commenting a while ago that I'd like to share with you all:

Deep down inside most bloggers, buried next to the wish to have a billion blog followers, the most page views ever and to be able to write instant hit one line posts, is the wish to receive comments. Any comment. Just something to show that there’s someone out there reading your work and liking it enough to tell you so.
I am one of this crowd, often desperate to hear from other bloggers. Was there something wrong with my last post? Is that why no one commented? Have I bored all my readers so much they’ve decided to leave?
Every comment I get is a gift. Precious because someone took the time to stop and say something, someone who only knows me through my blog. I love all my commenters, from the ones who only have time to say, ‘I loved your post,’ to the ones who write huge long comments full of personal stories and life.
I love my commenters so much that I’m dedicated to answering every single comment I receive. I always answer, and always try to say something personal to every comment. Because I appreciate my comments.
 Visit Imogen's blog to read more.

Now for the squeeing part.  Today my dad got his orders!  That means we can get ready to move back to my beloved Virginia.  SQUEEEE!  I'm so grateful, though it will be sad to leave my wonderful friend Victoria behind here.  Still, I'm SO EXCITED.  So bear with me if I talk a lot about moving in the next month or so.

Well, that's all for today, I believe.  Tell me: do comments matter to you?  What in a post sparks you to comment?


  1. Oh Victoria! Yay! *prances around and hugs* That's wonderful! and I know how much you love Virginia and *bounces* I'm glad, so glad for you. *hugs*

  2. What prompts me to comment? If I feel something click when I read a post, or want to express my gratitude for wonderful thoughts.

    Have fun moving!
    ~Handmaid of the Immaculata

  3. Emily - thanks for your enthusiasm! *hugs back*

    Sara - I think those are quite good reasons to comment. I'm always trying to make sure that I don't comment just for the sake of it, and those are good guidelines. :)

  4. How exciting for you and your family to move back to a place you love! Virginia is a great state. I hope you have an easy moving process and a great move! :-)


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