Thursday, February 2, 2012

Candlemas (Feast of the Purification)

I was planning on writing this nice long complicated post about Candlemas (complete with poetry, theology, and pictures), but then I got overwhelmed by all the information, bored, lazy, and impatient.  Oh wait....that's my normal state of existence, isn't it.... never mind, then.

So it's the feast of Our Lady's purification, the feast of Our Lady of Good Success, and the feast of Candlemas.  Basically that means three things:

1.  You should read the prophecy of Simeon in the Bible, and try to meditate on it a bit.
2.'s the feast day of Our Lady of Good Success.  Say a prayer to her or something.
3.  Christmas is officially over.  Begin looking forward to the penitential-ness of Lent.

I really feel guilty about the low quality of this post, but I just don't feel like writing up a nice one.
  Here are a few links to supplement the non-existent information in this post:
 And the simplest, most comprehensive one: