Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poll Results + Changes

So...eleven people voted on the poll I set up to help me decide what to change about my blog's design.  That's more than I expected, but considering that I have forty-three followers, not much.  ANYWAY, one person said new header, six said new background, two said completely different layout, three said that they loved it and I shouldn't change anything, and five said to change the tan post background.

Well, so far I've done a new background and taken away the tan.  I think I shall change the header, as well, simply because it doesn't match all that well.  I'm sorry, whoever said don't change anything. (Emily?)  But this is fun. I hope you all like the (still in-progress) new design.  Comment and tell me. :)


  1. Oh, I love it!!! Soon as April is over, I gotta get something like this!

  2. Oh how lovely! I loved the old header, but this is even better! Very romantic without being overly done. Lovely!
    (I voted in your poll!)

  3. Actually it wasn't me *giggles* I couldn't decide what to suggest so I just kept silent. You see, as you know I get awfully attached to the old styles but I do know it's fun to change things up. So I was just a mixture of indecision :p Anyways, I really like your new theme and header. It's beautiful. Very old fashioned and all round lovely. *beams*

  4. I Love this one, but I also loved the first one very much!


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