Monday, November 28, 2011

Days 10 - 12

I did three days of this tonight, hoping to catch up a bit.  I was away for Thanksgiving last week, so I do have some excuse.

Oh yes, and I'm afraid I just kind of skipped Day 9, which was supposed to be a favorite TV show.  I don't happen to watch TV, so I had no idea what I could do for it.

Now.  Day 10 - Favorite Candy.

Oh yes.

Snickers are awesome.  Enough said.

Day 11 -Draw a turning point in your life.

I had trouble with this one.  On the one hand, I guess you could say I've had a lot of turning points; and on the other hand I don't seem to be able to find anything particularly prominent.  I think I generally change rather gradually.  I don't have novelistic climaxes.  Yes, I'm boring.
Anyway, so I decided to do a sketch of the Dominican nuns who came and did a presentation at our church and reawakened my thoughts about religious life.  So yes, it's pretty important.

And of course the picture would have to come out looking like a ten-year-old-me drew it.  -_-  But you get the idea.

Day 12  - a recent accomplishment

My most recent accomplishment was finishing French I.  I doubt that you want to see a picture of me taking my final test, though, so I drew the Eiffel Tower instead.  It is one of the best-known symbols of everything French, after all!

30 Day Drawing Challenge at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe

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