Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 7

Er....hi.  Remember me?  I'm the one who procrastinates. 

So, today I'm on Day Seven, which is supposed to be my favorite word.  Now, personally, I don't see how you could possibly pick one favorite word.  There are so many beautiful words, especially if you just limit it to English. :)

I picked two words, and once again I cheated by using Picnik.  I honestly tried to write them out by hand, but I have messy handwriting and I got too frustrated. 

My first encompasses every word ever made:

Genius, huh?

"Lovely" is a word that I use very often, if you haven't noticed.

I spent a bit more time on this one, because I wanted it to personify its word.  I made it that sea-green because it's my favorite color, I added flowers because they're very lovely, and I used fleur-de-lis because they're a symbol of Our Lady, who is, of course, loveliness itself.


  1. You are lovely too dear niece! As always I enjoy your writing. You have a gift for it, keep writing!! Love you<3

  2. Thank you, Aunt Amy. :) That's sweet, I appreciate it.

  3. These images are fab!
    In response to your question--yes, vanilla essence & extract are interchangable; the extract is the real thing though and a bit more expensive.


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