Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning to post pictures

Just a short post today for the purpose of figuring out how to post pictures.  I suspect it will be fairly easy - I hope so, at least; I think pictures are very important.  Specially pretty ones. I, for one, enjoy blogs with pictures much more than blogs without.
It's funny how some of us just collect images on the computer.  I know more than one person (myself included) who's "My Pictures" folder is exceptionally large.  Pictures are just so awesome.  They can teach us, create an escape from the real world, and simply pretty up life.  And pretty is good.

Well, enough chattering.  Have a Waterhouse painting. :D

Okay, that was really easy.  No html about it.  This is, by the way, one of my all-time favorite paintings.  I believe it's titled Ophelia, and as I said, it's painted by  Waterhouse.

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