Friday, July 15, 2011

Gone with the Wind - Intro (and a couple of announcements)

I've spent many hours  - between chapters - musing over Margaret Mitchell's famous novel Gone with the Wind.  Being interested in the Civil War, and especially the Confederacy, the story intrigues me and gives me plenty to ponder - the morality (or lack thereof) of the characters, how Scarlett can be so hateful and yet I feel sorry for her, what America would have been like had the Confederacy won the war... and so on and so on.

I read the book relatively recently.  My darling mother gave it to me as a "late Easter present", saying triumphantly, "Now this is one book that'll take you a while to finish!"  It did.  It took me four days to finish the novel, my dear reader.  For some reason, though, my mom didn't seem to consider that "a while."  Hm.
Anyway.   Since then, I've re-read it twice, and watched the film.  While I enjoyed the film, I didn't like it quite as much as the book.  Some things just weren't right, -  Scarlett's costumes for one, Ashely Wilkes' appearance for another  - yet it was quite enjoyable, though not as much fun as reading the story.

 Now, my dear imaginary readers, I have a lil' project in mind.  I am going to take all the major characters in the story, and devote a post to each of them.  I dunno if you non-existent people are too thrilled about that,  but bear with me.  I'll quite enjoy it, and if I do a good job you might too.  We shall see.

I have two other announcements as well.  
1) I'm going to be doing a weekly feature called Song Saturday.  Don't laugh - titles aren't my strong point. :p

2)  I'll be gone from the 19th - 29th, so that's ten days of no blogging - now that I'm making plans. Well, I'll live.  I shall be having fun anyway.

I must go now...goodnight!


  1. 4 days, haha, quite classic ;)

    Gone with the Wind is one of those books which I really should read since so many people have mentioned it to me. I hate being out of the loop with literature. I'm reading Brothers Karamazov right now though, which is quite an endeavor, and I shall be lucky to finish it by the end of the summer.

  2. I've never read Brothers Karamazov. You'll have to tell me how it is. :D

    Personally, I'd say save Gone with the Wind for a time when you're
    a) not depressed
    b) bored
    c) In the mood for deep analyzing. :p
    It's just one of those books that you really have to think about in order to understand. You really should read it eventually, though.

    I'll have to try to figure out a way to not give stuff away in my character posts... prolly I'll end up with the usual huge "SPOILER" and "END SPOILER" signs, though. :p Very unprofessional.


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