Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Life Lately

Well, a lot has happened in this past month, especially the last two weeks.  Thank you all for putting up with my extended absence, and thank you for the prayers!  I did finish my school in the allotted time - I took my last French test on July 31, right on schedule, and my GPA is 3.3 - which is all right, I suppose.  (It may go up when they finally add in my independent studies.)  It feels odd to be done.  Every morning I still wake up and think that I have to go down and write an English essay or an American Government research paper.

The third week in July I had a break because my dear friend Victoria came down for a week-long visit, which was lovely.  We watched low-budget syfy miniseries, ate much ice cream, had deep conversations, and even went to Busch Gardens! 

Now the biggest news.  The day after I finished school, I had a talk with our priest (who is amazing) and my parents, and we decided that I should wait for maybe a year before entering religious life.  I'm investigating other convents to visit right now, and in September I plan to visit one in Arizona - the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas.  I'm very excited, both because - well, nuns - and because I've never been so far west and south in the United States before.  It will be quite an adventure, God willing that it works out.  I was sad to put off entering a convent, but I think ultimately it was the right decision, and hopefully it won't be for too long!

So yes,  that's been my life lately.  Very exciting.  I shall be blogging more regularly now, since I have more time, so expect new posts again!

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  1. Its wonderful to hear that you will be entering religious life..You will be in my prayers..God bless you! :)


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