Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cause you know, I'm a lot like my dad.

I had to do a Father's Day-ish post, because my dad actually reads my blog.  Sometimes.  Once in a while. 

He doesn't like to be talked about "in public" so that's exactly what I'll do.   I'm just like him, so I know how his brain works.  Yes I do. *evil cackle*.  My dad's a choleric-melancholic, which basically makes him a drill sergeant with a shy streak.  Nothing makes him happier than to have something done right - so at work he does everything for the incompetent people who are supposed to do it.  He's smart as anything and he discovered Einstein's theory of relativity in grade school, just to find out it had already been discovered.  At least, that's what he says.  I know he's smart, but if he's really that smart, it's scary.  He explains stuff to me all the time and makes me read books on philosophy and logic and theology and all kinds of complicated things.  I skim through them and then pretend to know what I'm talking about.  Sometimes we have deep discussions (in which I get mad and then get disproved into an embarrassed silence) late into the night. Those are fun cause I get to be completely and unabashedly nerdy, even if I am disproved into oblivion.  But you see, I got my know-it-all attitude from him, too.  I always say he gave me the worst traits, but in reality I like being like him, except for the hair and the temper.  Could have done without those. Oh, and I could have done without the love of internet surfing, too - though that can't be genetic because there was no internet when he was born in the far-off days of hippies and crazy hair and seriously freaky music videos that I still have to see because he has a sentimental attachment to what my mom calls "the music of his youth".  I have a different name for it, but we won't say it.

ANYWAY, so my dad's kind of amazing and I love him.  The end.


  1. That was so sweet! :D :D You sound like you have a good relationship with your dad. I wish my dad would have deep discussions with me...but we do other stuff like have camp-outs in the living room watching Chuck on DVD. Or we'll go to Wal-Mart together. Or we'll shoot guns together ;D ;D ;D

  2. Just for the record, Hippies were from your GRANDPARENTS day. I have no recollection of hippies.....except as a dying breed anyway. Surely by the time I was playing with my Snoopy toys and dreaming of the day I would grow up to marry that handsome hound, hippies were a thing of the past!
    Not that I'm bothered that you tried to make me 20 years older than I am, really, I'm not.

  3. There's something else about your dad: His dislike and his foreberance towards emotion! However, a good way to know one's self is to take into account the observance of others. What better way than one's own blood!? Hands down, the best FD present that I had ever received. I'm touched deeply. Your thoughts of love are reciprocally and infinitely amplified from my end to you. I love you!!! However, those genes that came from me will be quite a burden...enjoy. BTW, Relativity is on its way out! It was just a theory after all!



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