Wednesday, May 9, 2012

*le post of randomness and pictures*

I can't help it.  I'm writing a semi-intellectual, very involved review of The Hunger Games for y'all, and the effort of thought has made my brain melt.  You have no idea how hard it is for my poor little mind to concentrate on one topic for so long.  So I am indulging myself.  Cause I like saying things that have nothing to do with anything.

There are two coffee cups in my room at the moment.  Do you think that means anything?

But coffee makes me sick as a dog sometimes.  Just sometimes.  Because my body is as random as I am.

Who came with the saying "sick as dog"?  Why not "sick as a parrot"?  Or even "sick as a cat", if you don't want to get all exotic?  People are discriminating against dogs here!

Tea is better than coffee.  Sometimes.

I got a shirt today.  And it's pink.  I, Victoria Annette, bought a pink shirt.  Shame on me.  But it's nice.

See?  This is it.

It's raining right now.  My room has a skylight window, and the rain drums on it and makes such a lovely cozy sound!  I do enjoy rain.

If there were such things as fairies, and they really were itty-bitty things, wouldn't a raindrop drown them?  I suppose they'd have to be very itty-bitty indeed.  You'd think it would at least make them uncomfortably wet.

I don't think I'd want to be a fairy.

They are pretty, though....

 I seem to have progressed from the hyper ADHD-ish state produced by coffee into the sluggish frame of mind which is the fate of those who consume stimulants.  Woe is me.

I like high-falutin', flowery sentences.  Which is why I like Shakespeare.

*fangirl squee*

I am totally going to buy The Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado about Nothing.  Those are my favorites, and nasty old Seton didn't include them in its Shakespeare course.  (I got a 91 on that course.  I was shooting for 100, but I guess it's not bad.)

I was in seventh heaven with that Shakespeare course.  I got to sit around and read during school hours, and the tests were mostly rather interesting.  I'd love to post some of the essay answers I wrote, but I wouldn't want people to cheat off me.  Do you think people would cheat off me?  I mean, it's not like I got a perfect score...

Does liking Shakespeare courses make me a total nerd?  I think, if taken in conjunction with my other characteristics. it doth.  Methinks I am a nerd.  It is awesome.  I've got reading glasses, too, you know.  And I love them and end up wearing them most of the time, because I'm always reading or using the computer or doing something else that requires glasses.

I like being a nerd.

*cough* I read in the dark...still do.

It's almost dinnertime.  I must flee to yonder shady grove dining-room table.

Well that was fun.  I'm sorry if it just annoyed you.  Think of pleasure I had in creating it and you'll feel better.  (By the way, I do cringe when I think of my dad reading this.  He always compliments my "thoughtful posts".  This is anything but.  Oh. and all the pictures are from the One and Only Pinterest and I don't own any of them and blah-de-blah.  I think I'm still hyper from the coffee after all.  And Shakespeare.  Cause Shakespeare makes me happy.


The end.


  1. Another nerd friend who loves Shakespeare! My family and I adore his work. We've got five different DVD versions of Hamlet alone!

    Oh yeah, and I'm currently wearing my glasses which definitely makes me a nerd. I feel like one too.

    1. Goodness, Imogen, I didn't even know there WERE five different DVD versions of Hamlet! O.o That's dedication right there.

  2. Hey, I had to get glasses for the same reason!!! I read LOTR under the covers at night. But now I don't wear them because they broke and I got contacts instead,which are nice but not so nerdy and cool. Maybe I should get purple ones...
    And Shakespeare's awesome, too, especially in Hamlet which is one of the greatest things I've ever read.And I, for one, would love to read your essays and can't cheat off them be cause I don't even do Seton but do Kolbe, which is totally awesome except for Herodotus who goes on tangents and is therefore both a kindred spirit and of the race of Joseph and really, really annoying.
    I can't decide if I would want to be a fairy or not because they are cool but not human.
    I shall now shut my mouth and read Holmes.(Hey, a new Keep Calm sign!)

    1. Oh my...I was tired when I wrote that, wasn't I? Ahem...pray pardon me.

    2. Not all, Rosamund, not at all. Your comment was very enjoyable to read. :)

      LOTR was one of the books I lost my eyesight over as well. :p Quite worth it, I think. (And really my eyes aren't THAT bad.)

      Hamlet is awesome. The end.

      Herodotus, hm. I've never read him. But I completely agree about the tangent thing...I must find out more about this Herodotus.

  3. Oh my, another girl who likes faeries and new shirts!! :) That one is cute. And I love the faerie. (excuse me, but that's the way I spell it. It's much more old-english :) We just found an entire volume of Shakespeare's complete works at an estate sale which I have since dived into and am thoroughly enjoying.
    Keep up the wonderful posts!

    1. "Faerie" is a cool way to spell it. :) Oh my, how lucky you are to have found a volume of Shakespeare's complete works! I have yet to read most of his sonnets...

      Thanks so much!

  4. Sometimes random, silly posts are the best!

    1. They're definitely some of the most fun to write. I'm AMAZED at how many comments this one has gotten! So many warm fuzzies right now. :)

  5. While I do enjoy your post very much, I am afraid that I must disagree most strongly when it comes to one of your points. It is a very foolish person indeed who doubts the existence of fairies. And to come right out and say it on a blog? You might as well just ask the fairies to pull your hair and steal your shoes. I only hope that you do not have any fairies following your blog.

    1. Oh dear... I'm getting the funny feeling that if a fairy IS following my blog, it's the one whose comment I am currently replying to. I do apologize, fairy-who-goes-by-the-name-of-Daniel-Collins. O.o

      (By-the-by, is THAT why I've had a headache all day?...)

    2. Oh, no. I am not a fairy. I am a Giant's Child, though I know many fairies. Come read my blog ( ) tonight if you don't know what that is. I will be beginning the story of the most famous of all The Giant Children, Bede the Magnificent.

      As for the head ache, I couldn't say for sure. Fairies don't like computers to much. Though, I do know a nymph or two who have Facebook accounts.

    3. I do not know what a Giant's Child is, so I shall be sure to read that post.

      Ah, that's because nymphs are rather shallow creatures, in general. At least, all the ones I know. I can see Facebook being attractive to nymphs.

  6. Good thing I enjoy randomness! Lovely post dear :)

  7. Random posts are my favourite! :) Ahh.. Shakespeare! So good.

  8. I loved that post :D And Shakespeare is amazing :) I also heard somewhere that NERD stands for "Not Even Remotely Dorky." ;D ;D

    1. "Not Even Remotely Dorky?" Haha, that's a good one. :)


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