Monday, January 21, 2013

What's in a Name?

Sorry, this is not going to be a deep philosophical post on names.  At least, not entirely.

I've just oh-so-casually changed my blog's name.  Usually it takes me days to decide on a name for anything - names are just so very important, you see.  I find it hard it to believe that I would be the same person if I were named Elizabeth (a name my mom was considering for me), or Agatha or Renee or any other name at all.  I wouldn't be me.

My blog has a history of hasty decisions, though - when I chose Raindrops and Moonlight, I was just fooling around, not realizing that I was actually making a blog, so I just came up with a title out of the blue and stuck it in.  I thought I could play around with the settings and then there would be some option that let me choose whether I actually wanted this to be a thing or not.  But it just kind of...happened.  And lately it's been bugging me...I'm not so much of a moonlight-ish person anymore, if you follow me.  I mean, I'm still quite affectionate towards the moon and I think moonlight is lovely, but it doesn't really "fit" me anymore.  Also, certain individuals have said that the title was "Rainbows and Unicorns, or something really girly like that."  Well I am girly, but I didn't quite like that, and it made me think about the title more.  And I decided I'd outgrown it.

 Sunlight and Shadow, while similar to Raindrops and Moonlight, really, seems a bit more "me" now.  It was a title I thought of quite a while ago, and I rather like it because it indicates that I shan't always be depressed and sad (shadow), but I won't be all sunlight, because there's definitely such a thing as too much sun.  And I'm not entirely a sunshine-y person...I remember a time when I'd walk into a room and my dad would start making thunder noises at me and crack jokes about stormclouds.  So yeah, definitely not all sunshine here.  Anyway, shadows add depth to things.

So yeah.  Long complex explanation of a simple change.

I'm hoping that in some weird subconscious manner the change of title will inspire me to write more.  I really haven't been able to think of anything to talk about, I'm afraid.  Plus I've been quite busy with awful slow schoolwork and planning life stuff and....yeah.  (By the way, if you have ANY SUGGESTION AT ALL for a topic I could write about, I will hug you.  Virtually.)

Tell me what you think of the new title.  If you miss the old one, console yourself with the fact that it's still my URL, and that is not likely to ever change.


  1. Sunlight and Shadow...well, you have My Approbation Entirely. I loved the old one, but it waspretty girly. Bot unicorn girly, and I'm fond of girly things, but this is even more feminine, if you catch my drift.

    Things to write about:
    Read any interesting things for school lately?
    Realized something, anything?
    Opinion on modesty/modest clothing?
    Favorite song?
    The middle ages? Inquisition? Chickens?
    Confirmation saint?
    Go out to a public place, people watch, and thenwrite short letters to yhose you watched. Don't send them, but show us. :-)
    What are the seven most essential tools for an Adventure?
    Gilbert Blythe? When in doubt, always write about Gilbert Blythe. Why, I don't know.
    Analyze song lyrics for potential heavenlyness or heresy.

    Hee hee, some are kinda strange...mea m ind is random. I pray it helps, though. If not, just talk about british dialects and geometry.

    1. Too many typos, all comes from typing on a touchscreen. :-(

  2. I wuv your new blog name. Even though I thought Raindrops and Moonlight was pretty creative and lovely in and of itself, Sunlight and Shadow is just as fantastic. :) It's (yes, this is going to sound weird) such a perfect grow-y up name.

    Hmmmmmm... topics. Pretty much anything that interests you: music, movies, books, people, actors, food (yum), a collection of odd fashions that strike your interest(somethingggg... different), etc. etc. I think you and I have some pretty similar tastes. What you like, I will probably like, which is what makes me worry about your comment on Merlin. *shudders* I hope I like it.

    Anywho... your blog is one o' my favourites. :] God bless!

  3. Ooh, Rosamund and Rose, I'm so glad you like the new name, and thank you so much for all the lovely ideas! *gives virtual hugs*

    Rosamund: Your post ideas made me almost squeal aloud. People-watch and then write letters to the people and post them here? THAT IS GENIUS. OH MY GOSH.
    Your random mind is BRILLIANT. The end.

    Rose: Nah, I don't think that sounds weird. It IS a more grow-y up name. :)
    I think we have similar tastes as well. Sorry about the Merlin thing... I did think it was ENTERTAINING, but like I said it didn't live up to its potential for me, and just stayed a typical angsty teenage show, with a lot of dissing of authority and stuff. It's good points were that it was visually stunning, often quite funny, and *cough* had some very attractive actors and actresses. So yeah...I dunno. You'll have to make a post about what you thought of it when you get farther on. :)

    1. *returns virtual hug*

      I am starting to understand what you mean about "Merlin". It's getting... modern. :P The first season.. was perfect. Now that I'm on to the second, though, it's... well... "lots of dissing of authority and stuff". I SHOULD do a post! Thank you for suggesting that!! :D

  4. I just love the new name! I find it a little more fitting!


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