Sunday, March 18, 2012


We all live in separate worlds, you know, all in one.
- Magdalen Aithne Arkwright
Just a short little "random information" post because I feel like blogging and I told Meggy that I'd answer the questions she asked of her followers on her blog.  Plus I'm "celebrating" Laetare Sunday by doing a non-Lenten post. 

What are you reading?  Well, nothing at the moment.  I seem to have misplaced North and South, which is worrying me.  I'm supposed to be re-reading that so I can give you a more balanced review (i.e. more than just gushing).  I read The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer on Project Gutenberg a while ago, and I'd like to give you all a mini-review/rambling about that someday.  (NOT PROMISING.)

What are you watching on TV? Don't have TV, darling.  (Now that I live in the South I can call everybody 'darling' and 'dear' without looking stupid. :D)

What is your favorite music or movie lately?  In music, I was on an Anuna kick a while ago, and now it's been a lot of Ingrid Michaelson.  (Old Ingrid Michaelson, that is.)  As for movies, I haven't seen any recently....sorry.  I'm boring.

What are you excited about, anxious about, upset about?  I'm excited that my room is almost done being set up - and that spring seems to be here already.  I'm anxious about starting school up again tomorrow, and I'm upset that I probably won't be able to see my dear friend Megan again for a while, since apparently we won't be going to the same church at all.  I'd also like to see the other families we used to be close to... ergh, NOT GOING TO WHINE.  I promised myself that I would never whine on my blog.  I see people do that a lot, and it's so off-putting.  Nobody wants to visit a blog that depresses them with someone else's depression.  I want you to leave my blog with a smile on your face - unless I posted something serious, of course, like a Lenten meditation.

Do you have a job?  NO, BUT I WISH I DID.  I WANNA WORK IN THE LIBRARY.   (Not whining, just stating facts.  Really.)

Are you working hard on something?  Well....I've slipped up a bit, but I'm really trying to work on humility and intimacy with God.  I was doing really well all right when I was sitting in the guesthouse in New Jersey with nothing to do, but I've sort of gotten off-track.  This week I intend to work much harder.  Also, starting tomorrow I'll be (hopefully) working hard on schoolwork, particularly geometry (oh kill me now) and my book analysis on The Robe which was *cough* from tenth grade - as is the geometry, actually.  Yes, my middle name is Fail.  No, not really.

What are your greatest hopes for spring?  That we get a garden of some sort planted and that I get some exercise, preferably on a bike, though I don't know if my weakling legs can stand it after their winter's break.

Well, that was a very long "little" post.  Hopefully you didn't mind.  Happy Laetare Sunday!

This will be me tomorrow, studyin' in style.  (Er...not really.  But we can pretend.)


  1. I just realized that the girl in the picture is COOKING, not studying. *facepalm* Oh well. :p

  2. Oh, yeah, you're right. Well, I didn't notice until you mentioned it. Anyway, it's a really cute picture. Good luck with geometry. And I'm glad you got around to answer my questions, and thanks for linking to me!


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